Team Coaching

Projects are, by definition, temporary structures, with teams of people drawn from different parts of the business, who have different technical specialisms, little common history, no established ways of working together ,and often retain different home reporting lines. The project management team is the apex of this structure and symptomatic of those divisions.

These newly created project management teams are typically given challenging timescales to achieve; so there is an imperative to bring the team together to become an effective force without delay.

We know that new teams will go through the stages of forming, storming, and norming before performing (Bruce Tuckman, 1965).

The project manager’s coach will facilitate the project management team to develop its own common purpose and ground rules. This facilitation will establish ways of working, support resolution of team issues and help team members to recognise how they can get the best out of their relationships with their colleagues.

Team coaching would typically be engaged as soon as the team is brought together. It can also be brought in to help an established team resolve conflict that is getting in the way of delivery.

Team coaching is particularly powerful when combined with personal mentoring and coaching for each of the team members.