Personal Mentoring

In the current environment everyone is expected to pick-up being a Project Sponsor or even being a new Project Manager, as the need arises. It may be as an additional responsibility for your existing role, or it may be a complete change of role. Being a new Project Manager can be daunting and having the responsibility of being a Project Sponsor is no less so.

Even if you are an established project leader (as sponsor, portfolio manager, programme / project manager or one of the other project leadership roles) you may sometimes feel: “I just need some time to myself to think things through”. But you never give yourself that time and you can feel like you just keep banging your head against the wall; with the nagging thought that there must be a better way.

The great news is that you do have the answers yourself and you just need to work with someone who can help you get at them.

The project manager’s coach provides you with an oasis of calm in your day where you will focus on your big goals and work through your most pressing challenges with someone who has really been there and experienced those challenges themself.  The value of taking that small amount of time out of your week repays big dividends.

Providing mentoring and coaching to other members of your project management team will also pay back in terms of maximising the effectiveness of the project.

A typical course of personal mentoring and coaching is 6 sessions either fortnightly or monthly. These can be face-to-face or over skype or the phone.

We start with a free 15 minute  ‘chemistry ‘session where we discuss how this will work for you, and you can start to establish what your key goal is, what challenges you need to overcome and the measurable improvement you will have achieved by the end of the sessions.

The six sessions will then build towards that goal by working on each step and systematically removing the obstacles (internal and external) to achieving them. As you move forward you will be amazed by how much more in control you feel.