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Does your project feel like Salmon fishing in the Yemen?

Salmon Fishing in the Yemen’ has been a book and now it’s a film with the wonderful Ewan McGregor and Emily Blunt. I went to see it last night, with my bucket of popcorn and my mobile responsibly switched to silent; and sitting there I thought, does this remind you of anything?

Of course it does. It’s a vanity project with a strong sponsor but no business case; a project manager who has been cajoled into taking it on but who doesn’t believe in it at all (‘totally unrealistic’); a big-bang approach with major risks that no one has made any effort to manage (do farmed salmon have a homing instinct?- can we find that out without flying salmon-filled Chinooks out to Yemen? – yes we can!); appalling stakeholder management – bullying a senior stakeholder who takes revenge by creating damaging media exposure, and seemingly no attempt to work with local people’s concerns.

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